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Wroclaw, June 15, — 11.000 runners participated in the 7th PKO Night Wroclaw half-marathon, which was started in heavy rain and storms in Wroclaw on June 15.

Despite heavy rains and storms 11.000 runners participated in the 7th PKO Night Worclaw half-marathon across the streets of the city. Along the route and in the Olympic Stadium supporters hailed for the runners until late night. One of our colleagues from the Eurogate Wroclaw office, Maurycy Szafranek finished the half-marathon successfully.

For the 1st time in the history of the Night Wroclaw half-marathon the runners started from the track of the Olympic Stadium and for the 2st time in decades the symbolic Olympic Torch was set light in the historic clock tower, which was floodlighted in red lights.

The start of the marathon was accompanied by smoke, lights, sheaves of spark and flaming candles in the clock tower of the stadium. The leitmotif of this year’s half-marathon in Wroclaw was club music. The fans who filled the greater part of the grandstand of the West Olympic Stadium left the place around 2 AM. The medals of the gnomes (popular hallmarks of the town) have once again hung in the necks of the runners.

Eurogate Logistics group congratulate Maurycy for finishing such a long, exhausting and demanding distance as a half-marathon is, especially in such weather conditions. We are proud of having such persevering and full of passion people in our team.

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