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Eurogate in  Netherlands
Eurogate attends the ‘Wroclaw Business Run 2019’

Eurogate attends the ‘Wroclaw Business Run 2019’ which is the biggest charity relay-race organized in Poland

Poland Business Run helps to fulfil the dreams of people with motor disabilities. The race is a relay race, 5 competitors take part in it, and is organized every year simultaneously in the largest Polish cities. Ever since the first run, there have 434 people been able to change their lives, by financing the purchase of prostheses, medical equipment and rehabilitation thanks to the fund-rasings.

Not only does the initiative aim at supporting people with mobility disabilities, but also to promote an active lifestyle and integrate the local community with business.

This year, the funds raised from the ’Wroclaw Business Run 2019’ will be allocated for the needs of 22-year-old Robert born without a femur, and two years old Oliver, who lost his right foot and left lower leg as a result of meningococcal disease.

Eurogate is proud of being a part of this noble cause, and we plan to participate in subsequent runs of this charity series.

Our services

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced stricter controls and measures on how we work and
live, including the freight industry.

Keeping freight moving is essential for the economy. Consequently, Eurogate Logistics
continue to work tirelessly in order to do our part to maintain this vital service.

Most of our staff are now working from home in accordance with healthcare guidelines with a
skeleton staff ensuring the office phones are still manned. The easiest way to contact us is
via email, enabling us to serve you in this difficult time.

We maintain constant contact with our freight partners to keep up to date with availability
and delivery status and can therefore keep you updated with any issues that arise. Transit
times could also be affected due to increased border checks, so we ask for your
understanding and patience.

If you are unsure of who best to contact with your enquiry, please email your local office:
Eurogate Network