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Eurogate in  Czech Republic
Corporate overview
Our History
Hungarocamion and M & S Shipping Limited registered their common British-Hungarian...
April 02
Eurogate started operations from our base in the UK. Profile: freight forwarding,...
Eurogate took over 3 offices of M & S Shipping (Glasgow, Bradford, Dover). Groupage...
Eurogate established its first subsidiary in the Netherlands as Eastgate.
The project cargo service began. Eurogate’s every office received the ISO9002...
Eurogate founded its 100% owned subsidiary in Slovakia and its Polish subsidiary in...
Launch of Eurogate’s largest project ever: Taskent (Uzbekistan) 420 km away in...
Eurogate founded its 100% owned subsidiary in the Czech Republic.
Dr. György Nagy, CEO of Eurogate, acquired the 50% share of M & S Shipping Limited...
Eurogate acquired the Belgian Quest cargo carrier which Eurogate operated until 2016.
Dr. György Nagy acquired the 50% share of Hungarocamion in Eurogate and became the 100%...
The enlargement of the European Union transformed the business structure of Central...
The company was re-branded as Eurogate Logistics.
Due to the economic crisis and the development of the Russian political situation,...
Due to the technological and IT development of the last 20 years, network development...
Present Day
Continuous and steady growth in the late 2010s opened new horizons for the expansion of...
Our Specialisation
Complex Logistics Services

By analysing our customers’ logistical requirements in terms of volume, locations and destinations, the characteristics of goods as well as transport needs and the requirement for extra services (warehousing, packaging, customs clearance, labelling) …

… we provide tailor-made, comprehensive logistics solutions:
+ Plan and organise optimised, cost-effective delivery methods.
+ Arrange transport equipment as requested (road, sea, air, rail, multimodal).
+ Assist with contracts and insurance.
+ Provide “Track and Trace” options.
+ Create custom administrative solutions.
+ Establish continuous customer communication.
+ Optimise environmental impacts (ecological footprint).

We make sure that your shipment is delivered intact, on time and according to your needs.

Groupage Services

Our export and import groupage services run on a weekly basis throughout Europe. Transportation of shipments weighing from 1 kg to 3.5 tons is arranged through our warehouse network. In case of shipments exceeding this weight, delivery is usually directly door-to-door.

Project Cargo Services

Over the last 25 years Eurogate Logistics have built up a wealth of project shipping experience in the oil and gas, mining and telecoms industries. From the mines and oil fields of central Asia to telecoms projects in Africa, we’ve carried cargo ranging from building components and out-of-gauge machinery to vehicles and critical express shipments.

Specialist Air Service

Through our airport offices we have direct contact with the major airlines. With our advanced and modern IT systems, our air service provides fast, smooth and accurate administration, document management and customs clearance for our customers who want to deliver their high-value goods to their customers quickly. We are able to manage the insurance, professional packaging and labelling of all the goods, including their delivery to and from the airport.

Russia and CIS Service

We have been serving Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) for over 30 years through our own local offices. Regulations, administrative procedures and requirements in this region are very different from those in Europe. Through our local experts we have the right knowledge, network of contacts and know-how to meet all the local requirements.

Ferry ticket sales

EurogateFerries is one of the largest resellers of ferry tickets in Europe with almost 30 years of experience. With a 24/7 booking system, a wide range of ferries, bridges and tunnels are available at favorable prices.

Our most popular routes are:
+ the English Channel and the North Sea,
+ the Irish Sea,
+ Scandinavia,
+ the Mediterranean.

We serve not just these popular destinations but also the hard-to-reach and less popular routes. Eurogate Ferries is the exclusive agent of P&O Ferries in Hungary and Poland.

With Eurogate Ferries you can move faster and more comfortably in Europe, saving time, energy and money.

Contribute to our customer’s business success by being one step ahead with our innovative and creative approach to ensure simple and tailored solutions for their needs no matter what the challenge is.
We want to achieve the experience of “CUSTOMER LOGISTICS”, which is about delivering solutions, not just giving advice. We streamline our dedication to provide transport, logistics, and trade facilitation services, deliver a wide range of vital, creative and innovative solutions through the understanding of the business and needs of our customer, the identification of opportunities, the explanation of conditions by retaining the highest quality multi-lingual staff, and by skilling and motivating them all for the one single reason: Succeed for the customer and contribute to the profitability of their business. WE MAKE LOGISTICS SIMPLE.
Eurogate in figures
125.5 m EUR
Annual turnover in 2021
63.000 +
Road freight consignments
100.000 +
LTL & Groupage consignments
Our Services
Project Cargo
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