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Eurogate in  Czech Republic
Patients, hospitals, emergency centers and biological organ banks benefit the services of Eurogate Logistics

Patients, hospitals and emergency centers benefit the fast, smooth and safe transportation of pharma goods, blood & plasma. Eurogate Logistics has now joined the swift global carrier service provided by CRYO PDP, an Airliqude company, and Der Kurrier Heto Transport. The parties in this joint effort now will aim at the whole Pharma sector and offer services by the courier network and airfreight also.

Professional, swift and easy access transportation, especially air freight, of pharma goods, blood and plasma, samples for clinical trials, special tailor-made medications, vaccines is always a hassle due to the extremely strict temperature control conditions that must be guaranteed throughout the course of the transportation as a result of which patients, hospitals and emergency centers face difficulties of recovery and saving lives.

Eurogate Logistics contributes to ease the lives of patients and the emergency operation of hospitals and health centers by joining a global carrier service. Eurogate Logistics has equipped and now operates a temperature-controlled storage facility including a cold room (+2, +8C), a freezer (-25, -15C) and a controlled ambient temperature room (+20C) needed for the conditioning of specific temperature-controlled packaging systems used to ensure the product transported will be kept within the correct temperature range from collection until delivery to final consignee.

“I am proud of this new, innovative solution by Eurogate Logistics because this points way beyond logistics. This is about those people, hospitals and emergency centers that will be able to recover their health and save the lives of their patients a lot easier than so far, this is about a Cause. I am happy that we can contribute to this. Eurogate Logistics delivers Customer Logistics, which is primarily about the success of our customers and our contribution to this is to make logistics simple”, said Marek Maly, Managing Director of Eurogate Logistics, Czech Republic.

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