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Eurogate in  United Kingdom
Eurogate Poland takes part in the “Company Run”, a cyclic charity event, for the 4th time

Wroclaw, May 18 – The “Company Run” event series was 1st organized in Warsaw in 2003 and ever since then there have been 13 such events with 34 000 participants representing 900 companies. The most recent event was in Wroclaw this May.

The team of the Eurogate Wroclaw office have taken part for the 4th time. The idea behind the “Company Run” series is to create an activity as well as a charity spirit for business employees in Poland as part of corporate social responsibility to support children in need.

Not only is the “Company Run” a running event, but also a sports picnic with plenty of attractions and opportunities to integrate within the company and between companies. Five-person teams can participate in the relay competition, each team member must run a distance of 5 km. The fastest member of the Eurogate team, Maurycy Szafranek, ran the 5 km in 23:10 minutes.

In 2019, the funds raised in the Wroclaw “Company Run” will be donated to the Everest Foundation and used for the rehabilitation and treatment of five children.

Eurogate is proud of the Wroclaw team to participate in this noble goal and wish them all the best to prepare for the subsequent events of the “Company Run” series.

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