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Eurogate in  United Kingdom
Brexit – Eurogate Logistics

The Eurogate Group continues to monitoring Brexit very closely in order to ensure we are prepared for every eventuality. As a multinational European company, it is our sincere hope that the final Brexit agreement creates minimal disruption to the flow of cargo between the EU and the UK but we have procedures in place to meet any new requirements that may arise. [...]

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TransLogistica Poland Fairs, 2018

The International Transport and Logistics Exhibition in Warsaw – TransLogistica Poland is the biggest CEE business event for everyone professionally associated with transport, freight forwarding and logistics, as well as for all producers and distributors who use or seek transport and logistics services. [...]

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Patients, hospitals, emergency centers and biological organ banks benefit the services of Eurogate Logistics

Patients, hospitals and emergency centers benefit the fast, smooth and safe transportation of pharma goods, blood & plasma. Eurogate Logistics has now joined the swift global carrier service provided by CRYO PDP, an Airliqude company, and Der Kurrier Heto Transport. The parties in this joint effort now will aim at the whole Pharma sector and offer services by the courier network and airfreight also. [...]

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Eurogate attended the 8th Annual Summit of PCN which was held from 18-20 November 2018 in Costa Rica. Monday morning, November 18, the meeting was officially opened by PCN President/C.E.O., Rachel Humphrey; delegates during the summit could discuss current business, exchange information and investigate possible collaborations together. The annual summit was a good opportunity for networking. [...]

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Eurogate UK certified for ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 & OHSAS18001:2017 again

Eurogate UK, the international headquarters of the Eurogate Logistics Group has been re-certified for ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 & OHSAS18001:2017 following the 2018 Audit for the International Freight Forwarding scope. [...]

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