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Eurogate in  Slovakia
Želivka Water Treatment Plant

We are glad to announce that Eurogate Logistics spol. s.r.o. was the logistic partner for transporting during the renovation procedure of the Želivka Water Treatment Plant.

The Water Treatment Plant of the river Želivka is the main water cleaner for Prague, as the capital of Czech Republic. It supplies approximately the three quater of its drinking water.

Eurogate was taking part in the transportation from the factory to the plant’s location and cooperated at the modernization by handling large bags and special tankers with the latest technologies. Additionally, this development included the purchase of Filtrasorb, which is a granular activated carbon developed for removal of organic compounds from water, wastewater, and industrial and food processing streams.

At Eurogate Logistics we care about our environment and enhance collaborations which aims the development of the society’s well-being.

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