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Eurogate in  Slovakia
Services // Multimodal
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In addition to our dedicated overland trailer services, Eurogate Logistics is also able to offer multimodal, tailor made solutions combining road, rail and sea on container services throughout UK, Europe, Russia and Central Asia. We have the experience and the knowledge to combine all three transportation methods and offer our customers a secure, cost effective and environmentally sustainable solution to their transport requirements.

Our Specialist Solutions
  • Regular UK rail departures feed into daily ferry departures to the Continent.
  • Increased number of hubs on the Continent to facilitate quick and effective onwarddistribution by rail and road.
  • Overall improved transit times.
Eastern European destinations
  • Daily North Sea crossing to and from Eastern European destinations.
  •  Through service to Hungary, Poland, Romania, the Czech & Slovak Republics, Slovenia and Croatia.
  • 40ft pallet-wide super cube containers.
  • Maximum loading capacity 30 pallets up to 2.55m high.
Baltic states, Russia & C.I.S. destinations
  • Regular Baltic crossings to and from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia and CIS destinations.
  • 20ft and 40ft standard containers available.
  • Through services using Trans-Siberian and Trans Caucasian rail routes.
  • Serving destinations in the Baltic States, Russia, the Ukraine and Central Asian countries – Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan.
  • Regular rail wagon transit updates.
Our customer service solutions
Time slot management
24/7 contact if required
Customised reporting system if required
SOP preparation if required
Information flow management
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