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Eurogate in  Slovakia
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We provide a full range of air freight services to our customers with our direct airport presence, our global partner network and our decades of experience.

Our Specialist Solutions
Direct presence

We have specialist airfreight departments in the UK, in the Czech Republic and in our Hungarian offices to ensure all of our clients’ airfreight needs are met.

Our airport service includes:

Export & import.
Airport to airport through door-to-door service.
Economy consolidation and direct consignments.
Express services for urgent and ”just-in-time” stock deliveries.
Daily collection and delivery.
Export and import customs clearance.
Transport insurance.
Competitive rates.

Customs clearance

We provide a full range of customs clearance through our reliable and experienced partners.

IATA CASS Membership

Our IATA membership provides direct co-operation with airlines and issuing freight documents.

Handling of special goods

In addition to regular commercial freight forwarding, Eurogate regularly handles dangerous and tempered goods and we deal with air transport that require special transport conditions.

Our customer service solutions
Time slot management
24/7 contact if required
Customised reporting system if required
SOP preparation if required
Information flow management
Our Quality Standard

In order to maintain the constant and consistent quality of our services, we regularly review customer satisfaction and our standardised freight forwarding processes, particularly in terms of speed, accuracy and reliability. ISO 9001, IATA CASS, IFLN, PCN.

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