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Eurogate in  Poland
Master Truck 2022

On 15-17 July in Polska Nowa Wieś near Opole, the largest event in Poland associating companies from the transport industry – Master Truck Show 2022 took place. It was the 18th edition of the project, which attracts an increasing number of representatives of transport companies from all over Europe each year.

This event has been gathering automotive enthusiasts for years and can be described as a celebration of transport, which brings together drivers, carriers and lovers of non-standard heavy goods vehicles.

The Eurogate team once again took part in this unique celebration, which turned out to be fruitful in establishing new business relationships with potentially new subcontractors in a less formal atmosphere and in strengthening ties with existing contractors.

The Eurogate trailer was presented in the area of the event as a mobile advertisement for our company. Eurogate was represented by a six-person team: Joanna Piekarek,  Karolina Kalinowska – Daniluk, Veranika Zaiko, Michał Kowalicki, Piotr Gawieńczyk and Konrad Ciszewski.

The talks conducted during the event will certainly result in new contacts and opportunities.

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