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Complex as it is, project cargo does not fit into standard dimensions or weight restrictions, which is why it requires a specialist freight forwarder to manage the shipment. Project cargo often requires specialist moving, lifting, carrying equipment and the planning of the project is complex too, not only does it take a team of local experts, but also global associates with a hands-on attitude to ensure the cargo is handled responsibly. Beyond the normal freight forwarding shipping procedures many other factors must be taken into consideration, such as exceptional dimensions & weight, critical aspects, a need for specialized transit, risk factors, loading/unloading procedures, onboard arrangements and always a contingency plan.

Our Specialist Solutions

Over the past 25 years, at Eurogate, we have built our experience in specialized transport in the field of construction components and oversized machines. Customers can rely on our reliable, competitively priced services Eurogate offers a full range of solutions based on our ISO-accredited procedures.

They include:

+ Project planning
Air and sea charters
Multimodal transport

Eurogate customer service is implemented by our experienced and reliable team.

Our customer service solutions
Time slot management
24/7 contact
Customized reporting system
SOP preparation
Information flow management
Our Quality Standard

In order to maintain the constant and consistent quality of our services, we regularly review customer satisfaction and our standardized freight forwarding processes, particularly in terms of speed, accuracy and reliability. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AEO-S.

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